About Us
Among tourism destinations, Barbados is perhaps best known for its west coast luxury Villas and hotels which radiate out from historic Holetown, the site of Barbados’ very first tourists, namely the English colonists who landed in 1621.

One such resort is Mango Bay Hotel and Beach Club, (now known as Mango Bay) which was built in 1993 as an all-inclusive 60-room property. It stands in the vicinity of that historic landing. Its owner, Peter Odle, a man whose name is synonymous with tourism not only here but internationally, transformed the original property that stood there into the resort that Mango Bay is today – an excellent blend of local charm and understated elegance.

Mr. Odle’s commitment to the travel and tourism industry goes beyond his involvement in hotel ownership. It is evident in the various roles he has played, as Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority; President of the Caribbean Hotel Association, to name just two.

His firm belief that indigenous hotels make the strongest statement about the Caribbean identity has resulted in Mango Bay being a resort that offers the finest in Bajan cuisine and comfort while exceeding international standards of service and hospitality.

Peter Odle is not only a visionary among Caribbean hoteliers but he is also businessman who understands the challenges of the industry while knowing what it takes to make his own guests feel comfortable. Mango Bay is truly a boutique property that leaves its imprint on all those who stay there much the same way that the first settlers left their footprints on the island’s history.