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Our Island

Barbados - Gem of the Caribbean

Barbados is known as the gem of the Caribbean Sea and is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. Just 21 miles long by a smile wide (14 miles), it is the easternmost isle on the Caribbean Sea, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It has been under continuous British rule until it gained independence in 1966. 


This island paradise has captured the hearts of many as it is surrounded by stunning beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters. 


Barbadians are sophisticated but casual, warm, friendly and charming. Ours is a tropical isle where sun-filled days turn into balmy nights. You'll be seduced by the warmth of our welcome and by the natural delights of our island paradise. 


We invite you to explore Barbados, fall in love with our island and, as many do, return again and again to our welcoming shores.